Designing a Code Deployment System:Reflections


In the early days, about three or four years ago, when frontend developers wanted to easily deploy to cloud services, most of them did so through PaaS platforms. At that time, Heroku was more popular. It required installing the Heroku CLI tool in your own project and using the command line to deploy to the service. I vaguely remember that I might have even set up CI/CD for this (this was before Github Actions), but now it's no longer necessary to go through such a hassle.

Easily Achieve Number Formatting and Currency Display with JavaScript Native Intl.NumberFormat


Number formatting and currency display are common requirements in front-end development. In the past, developers often relied on third-party libraries or wrote their own code to handle currency formatting. Now, JavaScript provides the native Intl.NumberFormat object, making number formatting and currency display more convenient. This article introduces how to use Intl.NumberFormat, including setting the locales and options parameters, and how to obtain the formatted result using the format method.

Web Image Optimization:From Basic Concepts to Best Practices for Avoiding CLS


Images are an essential element in web design, but improper handling can lead to slower page load times and even affect user experience and SEO rankings. This article will delve into the basic concepts of web image optimization, including image formats, the use of HTML tags, and how to avoid Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) issues. It provides a series of best practices to help you create faster, more stable, and more efficient websites.