• I'm Ri-An, originally named 'Yan', but I use the decomposed characters as my nickname.
  • My personality is ESTP according to MBTI. I'm not very particular about details when doing things, and I easily get along with people. I like to try various things, and my current social circles span across the entrepreneurial, programming, and design communities. Although I have a background in design and I'm good at video editing and animation, I'm not particularly skilled at drawing.
  • Currently, I'm a freelancer, sort of like an engineer with a business mindset. In terms of programming skills, I'm proficient in JavaScript and enjoy using Vue3, especially the flexibility brought by the Composition API.
  • In my personal life, I got married right after graduating from university and helped my spouse open a mobile phone repair shop. We don't have children, mainly because we're afraid of the noise. I once felt lost about my career, thinking that a management position couldn't give me a sense of achievement. But now I've found my own position.
  • I'm an ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) culture enthusiast and follow new anime every season. I love Japanese cuisine, especially sushi and ramen. On the other hand, I don't really like going out. As for my eating habits, I don't eat beef or lamb, but I love seafood.
  • I'm currently learning Japanese and piano, although both are still at the beginner stage. I think it's normal for learning to go back to the starting point because there's nothing in this world that can be learned in one go. Even if I've regressed a lot, I've tried many things and made progress, which is great. I believe there are no standard answers in life; what matters is the experience and constant attempts to forge a shining spark.